Welcome to JISNU
Jisnu has developed products and services, both software and firmware, in the ever expanding fields of information technology, communications, real time data acquisition and control systems.
In setting futuristic goals,Jisnu is not only developing a new product range but also consistently upgrading/ improving competencies to bring products and services that meet the global standards.
Product Profile
Expertise of the company is in the core sector of product development and providing end-to-end solutions in the fields of Tracking, Real Time data Acquisition, VSAT & Mobile communication of ISRO. Promoted by former scientists of ISRO – Dept of space, having vast professional and business experience.
Product Range
company is under ISO 9001:2000 certification

All the products are developed indigenously with many of them being first of it's kind in India.
  • Tracking System
    Is an end-to-end solution for L-S band Single/Dual/Three axes Object Tracking application.
  • Telemetry Receiver
    Used for all telemetry applications including tracking with diversity
  • High Bitrate Demodulator
    Used for demodulating QPSK data and recovery of condition data with clock
  • Multifunction Simulator
    Used for single dual stream simulating base band data with QPSK Modulation and bit error reader.
  • Antenna Control System
    State of the art ACS is used for tracking satellites and moving objects
  • Digital Tracking Controller
    Used in conjunction with AM Tracking receiver for mono-pulse object tracking application
  • Tracking Receiver
    Used for single/Dual channel application with diversity for acquisition and Tracking of moving objects
  • Mono Scan Converter
    Is a part of L&S Mono-pulse feed
  • Bore-sight Controller
    Used to remotely control the equipments located at Boresight
  • Data Acquisition system
    Is a real time PC based data acquisition archival and display employed remote sensing ground station
  • PCM Decommutator
    PC based real time PCM data acquisition system
  • Digital Data Recorder
    Customized real time V.24 Sync / Async recording system with playback facility
  • Target Simulator
    Used for simulating X-Y motion of moving target
  • Antenna Controller
    Used for tracking VSATs at both Hub & remote locations.
  • Beacon Receiver
    Used for tracking of VSATs with AGC control
  • RS 232 splitter
    Used to split 8 RS 232 streams each having 4 o/ps by using a controller
  • Eurocom to universal converter
    Is a customised product to provide standard G.703 & V.35 interface from Eurocom ‘A’.
  • On-the-move Road VSAT
    Used in Mobile applications where continuous coverage is required.
  • On-the-move Marine VSAT
    Content to be provided...
  • GPS Based Tracking System
    Provides simple tracking solutions with GPS receiver, compass and control system
End to end Solutions
Customized & complete solutions for setting up Earth Stations, VSAT Systems, Telemetry & Trac ing Systems including up gradation and maintenance & various products of strategic importance.