Technology and value addition

Technology and value addition

We, at Jisnu, follow customer centric approach, wherein we offer integrated turnkey solutions for defence, government and commercial organisations. We equip our customers with diverse technology-driven communication solutions, innovative approach and a commitment to meeting customers’ needs. Jisnu’s nature of catering to niche markets, allows us to offer tailored solutions and highly responsive service to customers with different cultural and technical requirements. We develop, integrate and install turnkey strategic communication solutions and services for air, sea, land and space applications.

Life Cycle Communication System Support

Jisnu offers complete systems engineering support from the initial conception and design, through decommissioning. This includes not only delivering innovative turn-key solutions, but also upgrading, refurbishing, and retrofitting communication systems in the field to meet evolving and projected operational needs. Our engineers and technicians are fully equipped and capable of performing maintenance and installation activities at remote locations as required by the customers.

Program Management

Jisnu maintains an innate ability for detailed analysis of progressive system requirements when issuing a rapid response to requests for proposals, information, and price estimates. Readiness to interface directly with customers throughout the design and execution phases ensure that they stay informed and satisfied that program goals are aligned with their objectives and requirements.

Coupled with experience of executing programs within the processes governing project scheduling, finance accounting, reporting requirements, and manpower utilization leads to a total program management philosophy.